Threat Intelligence could turn the tide against cybercriminals


Threat Intelligence could turn the tide against cybercriminals

Now that many security tools are generating alerts about possible threats, it’s almost like a dam has broken. There is literally so much random threat data circulating that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, for any one person or even one organization to parse it all out and find the relevant nuggets that relate to their specific situation.

That is where Threat Intelligence comes into play. This is a relatively new concept that is still being defined and modified by the very companies that offer it, even as it becomes a cornerstone of many network defensive plans. We got some hands-on training and testing with threat intelligence platforms from ThreatConnect, ThreatStream, Soltra, Arbor Networks and iSIGHT.

ThreatStream OPTIC
ThreatStream OPTIC, which starts at $50,000, is a very advanced program that can make sense of a nearly unlimited number of threat streams, and then share intelligence within a select community of users.

ThreatConnect 3.0
ThreatConnect offers a free edition as well as three paid editions starting as low as $45,000. The number of features, functionality and the chosen deployment model (private cloud, public cloud, or on-premises) determine the price for each edition.

Arbor Networks Pravail Security Analytics
Pravail is likely one of the most useful threat intelligence tools for folks that want to take an active role in network defense. Any organization with good analysts who are not doing much other than reacting to threat alerts should consider Pravail. Pricing starts at $75,000.

iSIGHT Partners ThreatScape
Enterprise subscriptions are offered on a tiered basis for each of six distinct intelligence offerings branded as ThreatScape. Depending on deployment configuration, prices start at $75,000 for one ThreatScape.


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