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Security Intelligence | Threat Intelligence | Competitive Intelligence | Strategic Intelligence | Industrial Market Focus

Cybersecurity Data Services to develop our clients’ capabilities to become aware, recognize and act upon indicators of attack and compromise scenarios in a timely manner to better protect against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats, and exploits.

  • Customized content usability built around industrial control systems user environments
  • Efficient effective content monitoring; structured and focused to save user time
  • Expandability and scalability of user security data, intelligence and threat coverage data
  • Customizable User Tools and Dashboards; customizable vendor alert tool; email report tool

Security Intelligence Data Features

  • Industrial Security Intelligence Data Services
  • Industrial Security Intelligence News Data Services
  • Strategic Competitive Industrial Security Intelligence News Data Services
  • Security Threat Intelligence Data related to Business Risk Intelligence
  • Primary Security Threat Intelligence Data Feeds
  • Foundation Open Source Intelligence OSINT Data Service

Security Intelligence Data Service Platform
Collaborative Security Intelligence Ecosystem
11 Partners | 5 Technical Research Work Groups | 2 Research and Development Initiatives | Canada + USA Market Focus | +3 million data sources | +500k data updates processed daily |+900 Content Channels in Development

Security Intelligence Data Service Platform
Innovative | Unique | Efficient
Fast, clear, well-designed web monitoring platform

All in One Security Intelligence Data Solution
Alerts | Reports | Dashboards
New Content, Channels and Functions constantly Researched and Developed with Users

User Client Driven Security Intelligence Data
Available | Reactive | Responsive | Collaborative
Effective, intuitive interfaces and platform

Authorized to Use CERT(TM) CERT is a mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University

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