MGS+ ICS Security Report June 2017

MGS+ ICS Security Report June 2017: Editor Picks: News Intelligence Alerts Report


Why Future Emphasis Should be on Algorithms – Not Code
We are all now in what’s called the “big data era,” and we’ve been here for quite some time. Once upon a time we were only just starting to piece together dialogue. Then when one group of people had learned this dialogue, it was up to them t pass it on the next group and so on and so on. However, as more people began to fill the Earth, more information was learned and gathered, making it too difficult to pass on in the form of dialogue. Instead, we needed to codify this information to share it all.


The previous industrial revolutions broke the environment. Can the current one fix it?
We live in a world that was largely shaped by industrialists, but which is increasingly being transformed by technologists. Innovations are getting faster and more efficient, technology is becoming more and more interconnected, and we are starting to see a merging of our digital and physical realms. This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Artificial Intelligence Tech Will Arrive in Three Waves
I’ve done a lot of writing and research recently about the bright future of AI: that it’ll be able to analyze human emotions, understand social nuances, conduct medical treatments and diagnoses that overshadow the best human physicians, and in general make many human workers redundant and unnecessary.


How Singapore Is Creating More Land for Itself
The island off the southern tip of Malaysia reveals the future of building in an epoch of dwindling territory.


US energy systems at the mercy of cyberattack, warns report
The digital systems that run the electricity grid, gas pipelines and other critical infrastructure in the US have 25 years’ worth of fundamental weaknesses to hacking that need fixing.


America’s $4tn infrastructure time bomb


3,000 Industrial Plants Per Year Infected with Malware
Targeted industrial control systems-themed malware is less prevalent yet persistent, including one variant posing as Siemens PLC firmware that has been in action since 2013, researchers find.


Australia’s bold plan for cybersecurity growth
Australian Cyber Security Growth Network has set its goals, fleshed out its board, and announced a detailed plan for success.


Source: Machine Learning For Cybersecurity Not Cybercrime
Cybercriminals have yet to adopt machine learning for offensive attack strategies – and they probably won’t for a long time.


Cloud Security & IoT: A Look At What Lies Ahead
In the brave new world of cloud, security teams must be as agile as possible. This means leveraging proactive monitoring tools, locking down access points, and forecasting requirements


2017 Security 100: 25 Coolest Network Security Vendors


20 Questions To Explore With Security-as-a-Service Providers
This list will help you leverage the niche expertise of security-as-a-service providers, and assess which vendor can best meet your needs

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