Can industrial edge computing fit into the Purdue model?

Data flow is no longer hierarchical

-Can industrial edge computing fit into the Purdue model?

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-the Purdue Model for Control Hierarchy was the de-facto standard for how manufacturing teams thought about, architected, and implemented industrial control systems

-it is time to re-evaluate the model’s relevancy, especially given the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

-today’s technology stack is vastly different than before

-Purdue model was created to ensure security, accomplished by taking a layered view of how machines and processes function and interact with each other, and how data is produced, transferred and consumed at the various levels. Purdue model inspired ISA-95

-critics say Industry 4.0 has made the Purdue model at best outdated and at worst obsolete

-needed solution that integrates into the Purdue model to maintain segmentation for traditional instances of IT and OT data flow, but also provides the flexibility needed as Industrial IoT use cases become more prevalent

-this level of IIoT flexibility can be attained by adding an industrial edge computing platform software layer

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